Elemental Artists

Talent Management


While an actor's job should begin the moment they get to set - the truth is that 99% of their work happens before they ever get there. Without the right guidance many never do. At EAM we help our clients through every step of the process with our hands-on approach to the business of acting.
Our actors want to do good work. We work every day to help them get the opportunity to do so.


Are you charming, funny, driven, passionate, independently wealthy, wildly succesful, really really good-looking, kind, generous, and humble? Bullshit. Do you aspire to some or all of these traits and work a little bit each day to get there? Well you're doing better than most and we'd maybe like to meet you. So shoot us an email to the address below and we'll take it from there. (If you're none of the above but just happen to love pictures of cool looking doors hit us up anyway. Maybe we can just be friends.)